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Mothers Day Gift Boxes

Mothers Day Gift Boxes

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Exquisitive Designs Mother's Day Gift Boxes

Large Mother's Day Gift Box:
Celebrate Mother's Day in grand style with our Large Mother's Day Gift Box, each box includes:
- A cute Polystyrene Flower Bear
- Large Lulubell Triple Scented Candle, selected randomly from our collection of soothing scents, setting the ambiance for relaxation.
- Large Acrylic Koala Garden Stake that brings a piece of the Australian outdoors into any garden.
- A beautiful 20cm x 20cm Picture Block, featuring a stunning, randomly selected image that captures the essence of art and nature.
- A heartfelt Happy Mother's Day' Gift Card, chosen randomly, to convey your love and appreciation in written words.

Small Mother's Day Gift Box:
Perfect for expressing gratitude and affection, our Small Mother's Day Gift Box packs a lovely assortment of treats:
- Small Lulubell Candle Tin, with scents chosen at random, ideal for infusing any room with a delightful fragrance.
- Small Acrylic Koala Garden Stake to add a touch of charm to any green space.
- An Acrylic 'Thank You' Puzzle Piece or 'Thank You' Heart, perfect for showing your heartfelt appreciation.
- A Koala or Kangaroo Keyring, selected at random, to bring a bit of joy with every jingle.
- A Small Affirmation Magnet, chosen randomly to inspire and uplift.

Whether opting for the lavish large box or the sweet small set, our Mother's Day Gift Boxes are designed to make this special day unforgettable.

A gift from us is a gift from the heart.

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