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Hello World Disc - Rattan

Hello World Disc - Rattan

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Our Acrylic & Wood Hello World Discs, provide a special space for noting your baby's birth details, offering a charming way to introduce your newest family member to the world.

Meticulously crafted, each disc  is made from high-quality 3mm plywood, adorned with stunning 3D acrylic lettering "Hello World" that brings a sophisticated flair. For the clearest results, we recommend using a very fine point marker. 

    Safety Notice: While these discs make for exceptional photo props, they are designed solely for this purpose. Please ensure they are not used as toys, as they are not suitable for teething or play.

    Important Notice: Our plywood & MDF products are unique due to the natural variations in the wood. Slight differences in colour and grain are normal, making every piece unique. These variations are not defects. 

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