• Our Founder

    Jodie, the founder of Exquisitive Designs, has a passion for unique art pieces, and luxury décor, a love that is reflected in every room of her home.

    Her love for art blossomed into Exquisitive Designs, a venture born from the desire to bring inspiring, yet affordable, art and homewares into every home.

    Every collection she makes is special to her, showing the things she loves most.

    Jodie holds a deep-seated belief in the power of creativity. Art isn't just about aesthetics; it's a nurturing
    tool that fosters imaginations, emotional depth, cognitive growth, and social connection.

    Imagine. Create. Achieve.

  • Our Name

    The name 'Exquisitive Designs' is a portmanteau of 'exquisite' and 'inquisitive', embodying the company's commitment to offer products that are not only intricately beautiful ('exquisite'), but also inspire curiosity and exploration ('inquisitive').

    'Exquisite' speaks to the superior craftsmanship, detailed artistry, and luxury aesthetic of our products, whether it's an abstract digital art piece, or a luxury home décor item.

    'Inquisitive', on the other hand, reflects our belief in art as a medium to stimulate thought, provoke questions, and ignite imagination.

  • Our Purpose

    At Exquisitive Designs, our purpose is to bring awareness to the benefits of creating art, particularly for young minds, as art enhances creativity, emotional expression, cognitive development, and social skills.
    We are also passionate about handmade, and we focus on sourcing our materials from
    local suppliers while also supporting other local businesses.
    Exquisitive Designs is determined to partner exclusively with Australian companies who share a similar ethos—celebrating products made in Australia by Australians.